Jeff Pedigo

President and CEO

Jeff has nearly 30 years of creative and management experience in the advertising industry. He’s developed effective communications programs for clients such as Ergon, MDOT, Time Warner Cable, Coca-Cola Credit Union, Mississippi Public Broadcasting, Hinds Community College, First South Farm Credit and more. In addition to countless Telly and ADDY awards, and a regional Emmy, his work has earned him multiple Copywriter of the Year awards in different markets as well as Creative Director of the Year in Jackson. He now brings his experience to bear as a founder of Lightning Bottle.

Strategy | Process | Branding | Creative Direction

Philip Scarborough

Director of Film & Video

Philip has spent the last two decades directing commercials for clients such as C Spire, Mississippi Symphony Orchestra, MDOT, MDA, MS Tourism, the Partnership for a Healthy Mississippi, and more. Today, he calls on his experience as a founder of Lightning Bottle, managing the agency’s film, video, and audio production activities. He has nearly 20 award-winning short films & documentaries to his credit, as well as countless Best of Broadcast and Best of Show ADDY Awards, courtesy of the American Advertising Federation.

Film & Video Direction | Editing | Storytelling

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Tom Herrington

Account Supervisor

A founder of Lightning Bottle, Tom is your guide to awesome. With nearly 30 years of experience in account service and project management, he’s interfaced with a wide variety of companies, industries, and business categories. As Account Supervisor for Lightning Bottle, Tom specializes in helping our clients interface with our agency to ensure that projects are bottled on time, on budget—and on strategy.

Account Service | Strategy | Branding | Web & Digital

Taylor Pedigo

Ad Agent

Sometimes you don’t need an entire ad agency—just a good agent or two. As Taylor Pedigo…Ad Agent Taylor serves as a full-service marketing director for small businesses, providing guidance and pulling together resources on an as-needed basis. In past lives, she was an award-winning sales manager for Dyson, and later worked with Gannet Media on a wide variety of accounts. Ad Agent started as a small business, so Taylor understands the challenges that small businesses face—and how to meet them head on. Learn more at

Account Management | Strategy | Social Media | Publications

Lightning Bottle Strike Teams

Production On Demand

As a full-service agency and film & video production company, Lightning Bottle builds and manages production teams around projects to remain nimble and make the most of resources, crew, talent, and budgets. We have longstanding relationships with creative folks, casting directors, location scouts, musicians, on-camera talent and more across the country. So if you need a production strike team to accomplish a creative goal—you can count on us to deliver a bottle of lightning crackling with the energy of experience.

Benjamin Franklin

Patron Saint of Lightning Bottle

Benjamin Franklin (1706-1790) was a writer, philosopher, printer, publisher,  prankster, scientist, inventor, diplomat, statesman, and much more. His famous kite experiment illustrated that lightning is a form of “electric fire” and could be collected in Leyden jars (the earliest capacitors). Thus he inspired the phrase, Lightning in a Bottle—and also the name of our agency. As the Patron Saint of Lightning Bottle, Ben Franklin’s wit and wisdom sets a fine example for discovery, creativity, invention, work ethic, commonsense solutions, and other forms of energy we bring to every client’s table.

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